McCain plans to Tax the Rich less

September 7, 2008

According to the NY Times (love this paper), the rich (top 20% of income earners), only paid 67.1% of taxes. That means that the bottom 80% of the income earners had to pay 32.9% of our taxes. It is positively absurd that the non-rich have to pay taxes at all. Rich people are rich because Republicans via corporations and other right-wing organizations steal from the poor so that they can fly in private jets and own yachts. As far as I’m concerned only rich white men (Republicans) should pay any taxes, after all they are the ones that made women stay in the kitchen and enslaved Africans.  The rest of us should only have to utilize public services that we don’t pay for–since white men owe us big time.  I think that Obama will bring this change. McCain and his right-wing friends such as Sarah Palin have said that they will lower taxes, which means lower taxes for the rich, since pretty much only the rich pay taxes. This is not acceptable, this is not change I believe in.  Obama is the change I want!


16 Responses to “McCain plans to Tax the Rich less”

  1. krissmith777 said

    “It is positively absurd that the non-rich have to pay taxes at all.”

    — Really, what’s more absurd is that many of these taxes exist in the first place, whether they be on the rich, the poor, or even the middle class.

  2. obamaisawesome said

    You are obviously a rich white republican and your opinion shouldn’t count since you are trying to keep the rest of us down!

  3. krissmith777 said

    Actually, I’m lower middle class, and NOT a republican. — I’m a Libertarian.

    But still, nice over-generalization. You’ll go far with that.

  4. obamaisawesome said

    Don’t you want change?

  5. krissmith777 said

    That depends. But you have to understand that change may be better or even worse than the current establishment.

    — Rather than asking for just ANY change, we should be asking for “IMPROVEMENT.”

  6. obamaisawesome said

    Things are so piss-poor right now that any change would be an improvement! Don’t you think that America Sucks?!?

  7. krissmith777 said

    “Things are so piss-poor right now that any change would be an improvement!”

    — You say that now. But many things could be worse than they are. — I am NOT saying we are well off, because we aren’t.

    But saying that any change is improvement is like saying that “Iraq went through change so it must be better off because they were oppressed by their leader.” — But both you and I know that is a false statement. So it is an over simplification to say “Change = Improvement.”

    As for asking if I think America sucks — Their is no doubt that America has had in the past (as well as now) moral failings, but the same can be said of ANY nation. — For example, Mexico has moral failings for racist policies against Mexican indians, Israel has moral failing against the Palistinians, and the list goes on. — My answer is: I don’t think ANY nation sucks, just many of its policies.

  8. obamaisawesome said

    The only reason things aren’t worse is because of the Savior of the House, Nancy Pelosi. If she hadn’t shut down congress so we couldn’t drill, greedy capitalists would be destroying our beaches right now drilling for oil that would in turn increase global warming and kill more polar bears. But people are willing to accept that for lower gasoline prices so they can drive to work and stuff. The only reason things aren’t worse is because of Nancy Pelosi and time, if Bush had more time he would screw things up more. McCain is the same as Bush, if McCain is elected we’re screwed. Not only is he a good ole boy rich white guy, but he’s old.

  9. krissmith777 said

    I’m not a HUGE fan of McCain’s, but using his age is not a factor with me.. I say this because “age is relative.” One is only as old as he feels.

    But also using McCain’s race as an issue comes across as reverse racism, — which is no better than using Obama’s race againt himself.

  10. obamaisawesome said

    Racism does not apply to old white men because old white men are responsible for oppressing the other races, and thus they don’t apply to the normal rules. Additionally, McCain is old, which means he’s change-averse.

  11. krissmith777 said

    Again I say, age, or being old, is relative, and therefore not a legitiment issue.

  12. obamanos said

    Obama is so much younger he represents the change that I can believe in.

  13. Joe said

    Taxing the rich, the people who create jobs and business for our country, is unfair.

    Hey you worked hard, and were successful in your life? Give us more money!

    Now you no longer have more money to invest in more business, and thusly you will stop creating new jobs for the country.

    Oh, and if you wish to maintain your current profits with these new taxes; then laying off employees is the only way to compensate…well besides lowering the wages of all employees.

    Yey socialism.

  14. obamanos said

    Look, people with a lot of money don’t need all that money. But, people with not very much money need more. Where are they going to get more money when the rich have all of the money!? Dumbass! They can’t be expected to make as much money as someone who is rich! Learn some economics!

  15. obamaisawesome said

    Socialism works because the rich are greedy oil huggers, and will work for the poor. Yes.

  16. You basic beliefs are all mixed up. One can not help you if you believe such craziness. Enslaved africans and put women in kitchen? Hardly. USA is capitalist and msot free. Anyone who produces gets rich. Money is ultimate democracy. Government failure is what leads to things like great depression and this abilout. Simply have the governmetn be hands off and you get better results. See hong kong as well with its 15% flat tax and incedible historic growth. Obama is a fool and highest government spender in congress and a newbie idiot who should be kept well away from high office. communism fails every time. Note that 60% of dems voted for bailout while only 33% of repubs. Amazing if dems don’t want to feed the rich eh?

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