Obama is Awesome

September 7, 2008

Barack Obama truly is Awesome–hence the blog title.  I am mezmerized by his poise at the podium, his acumen at community organization, and his excellence is harvard law review editing.  However, we have many challenges ahead of us, the Extreme-Right-Wing-Sarah Palin, an enemy of the United States, gave a speech.

She lied to the American people about community organization and insulted organized communities across the world.  The fact of the matter is that communities are not inherently organized, they need community organizers, like Barack Obama.  That is why I stand with Organizers who Fight Back.  We understand that we can’t take care of ourselves, and that we need Barack Obama to organize us into a changed community that will bring hope to the future.

Republicans will not bring us change.  The last eight years have been absolutely terrible.  The United States has not been this bad off since the great depression.  Under the failed Bush administration in 2005 alone, over 2,447,900 people died in the United States.  (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/09/13/AR2007091300480.html)  We need change, and we need it now.


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