Still Awesome…

September 25, 2008


3 Responses to “Still Awesome…”

  1. obamanos08 said

    This picture is racist, as is everything.

    Superman is not only white, but he is also taller and bigger and more super-looking than Obama. How racist! Obama has a right to be more super-looking than any white man!

    Superman should be changed and painted black.

  2. obamanos08 said

    The only reason I put this up is because it does say that Obama is Awesome, but it is clearly a ploy by the other side which is full of Bush-loving, gun-loving, fetus-loving, obama-hating, neo-con, nut jobs…

    This is either a sorry attempt at patronizing our savior Obama, or a sly attempt to play the race card, scare whites away from voting for obama, all whilst spinning OUR language to work for them.


  3. Scott said

    So, how’s that “Change” working out for you now. Unemployment at it’s highest since the Depression, Debt amounting to 91% of our GDP, continued erosion of civil liberties, Chicago mobster corruption dictating policy from the White House? The list is endless. WTF have you stupid, Kool Aid drinking liberals done to this once great country?!!!

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