White Man Won’t Keep ‘Bama Down!

September 27, 2008

I’ve corrected the picture.  Super (White) Man is called out as what he is, a Racist allegory of White Supremacy.


5 Responses to “White Man Won’t Keep ‘Bama Down!”

  1. obamanos08 said

    Thank you obamaisawesome for FIXING the great injustice that this picture was.

  2. Dan said

    Barack Obama is a complete freaking moron who is going to completely ruin this great country that we have. You people are absolutely mind blown if you think he’s going to be a good president and help this country out at all. He’s only there to help himself and us as citizens of this great country need to fight against someone who is wanting to become a dictator over us. And by the way Superman freaking rocks.

  3. Dan said

    Did I mention that you’re all a bunch of racist, ignorant, morons just like your role model NOBAMA!

  4. […] should pay any taxes, after all they are the ones that made women stay in the kitchen and enslaved Africans.  The rest of us should only have to utilize public services that we don’t pay […]

  5. novena said

    I think we need to pray novena prayers for this political situation!

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