Another Nobel Peace Prize

October 21, 2012

Obama needs another nobel peace prize. He has been president for four years. Corporations are crumbling and more people get the care and food they need from the government, not from corrupt and evil businesses like Apple, GM, GE and the cathlic church. We don’t need corporations making things or stealing from the poor. All that we need can be provided by President Obama.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – PRESIDENT Barack Hussein Obama

Unemployment is going down, which means that people don’t have to work to survive. No one really likes working. If I can get a free phone, housing healthcare and food without working, why would I bother? More people are on welfare, which is good. That means people don’t have to rely on corporations, they can rely on the politicians and other honest servants who work for peace and justice in our global community. If people just love and be then we’ll be a world community member and better off.

We need four more years, and then some, we’re making so much progress why would we stop now?