Obama 2012:

Us global Citizens who live in America no longer need change. PRESIDENT Obama provided the change he wanted to see in the world, and now we just need to maintain the new status quo. Romney is stupid and he sucks. We need Obama, now more than ever. I am more excited for PRESIDENT Obama now more than ever. America is cool now, because PRESIDENT Obama is preisent, we want PRESIDENT Obama to remain the president.

Goal in 2008:

We as Global Citizens living in America need Change and Choice.  Obama is the Choice for Change.  McCain is George W. Bush, he will invade Iraq again and bring more Wars, he will continue the miserable state of America that we find ourselves in now and will continue to embarrass us in front of our global neighbors.  American is a stupid country right now.  America is worthless, I hate living here right now George War Bush is such an embarrassment, we need to move in a new direction.  McCain plans to increase drilling in the United States, having more oil will not lower the price of oil, but it will increase the amount of pollution and deforestation.  I am so exicited about Barack Obama, he is young and understands what this country needs, we need change, and I am so hopeful in the change he could bring about.


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