Still Awesome…

September 25, 2008


Wow, I love it when Obama Supporters show their stuff.  Like at this McCain event, five people in a detroit auto-factory were wearing Obama gear, this is a place where McCain can’t pick and choose who will get in, like Obama does.  While McCain is leaving you can hear 2-3 people chanting “Obama ’08!” as McCain walks through the crowd.  This was amazing, I wish I could have been there with the other five people as they erupted in Obama support during this McCain Event!

Later in the clip, after the Obama Rally at the McCain thing, Obama said that McCain has been a Senator for 26 years.  Well Joe Biden, Obama’s Running Mate, has been a Senator for 36 years, since 1972.  Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. knows how the old boys network works, and he will be optimally positioned to root out the old boys in this network to bring reform to Washington.  Obama ’08, Obama ’08, Obama ’08!  Obama is Awesome!

Stupid Voters Vote for McCain

September 7, 2008

According to a recent Gallup Poll dumb voters amount to 48% and smart voters only 45%.  Gallup has probably been taken over by republicans trying to steal the election (again) via doctoring polls.  According to Gallup Daily: McCain Moves Ahead, 48% to 45% against Obama.  This is obviously due to the right-wing-moose-hunting-mother-Palin, who has created a boost amongst dirty redneck southerners who like hunting and don’t care about change or how terrible George Bush is.  Obama is Awesome!