Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Said that he had a dream that his kids wouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.  I don’t think he was right.  The one drop rule was a jim-crow slavery term.  But it is still being used today.  Barack Obama had a “white” mother and a “black” father.  But he’s considered black, thus the one drop rule is in effect, because from a mathematical perspective Barack is as “white” as he is “black.”  I guess you are only white if you are a great golfer, such as Tiger Woods,  a Republican such as Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell, or are 100% “white,” meaning you are of European descent, even though Irish, Italians, and Polish people, all traditionally Catholic Countries, were not considered white by WASPs.

However, if we follow Dr. King’s teachings, we would not be able to praise Barack Obama as the first black president, because we’d only be concerned with his views, and not his skin color.  Additionally, if we didn’t subscribe to the one-drop rule, Obama would not be the first black president, he would be the first half-black president.  Thus it is important for Barack Obama’s historic presidential race, no pun intended, that we acknowledge the one drop rule, which ensures Obama will be considered a black man.  We’d lose Jackie Robinson as the first black MLB player (non-negro league) because he was half-italian.  But maybe that still works because Italian’s were not considered white early on in American History.  At any rate, it would also eliminate almost all of the African-American population as most of them have some white blood in them due to racist slave owners, like Thomas Jefferson, getting with their slaves.  Thus in order to maintain racial consistency with the black community, it is imperative to acknowledge the jim-crow one drop rule.  If we lose the Jim Crow one drop rule, we lose that which makes the black community distinct from the rest of America.  This is something we shouldn’t change.  Obama ’08!


Stupid Voters Vote for McCain

September 7, 2008

According to a recent Gallup Poll dumb voters amount to 48% and smart voters only 45%.  Gallup has probably been taken over by republicans trying to steal the election (again) via doctoring polls.  According to Gallup Daily: McCain Moves Ahead, 48% to 45% against Obama.  This is obviously due to the right-wing-moose-hunting-mother-Palin, who has created a boost amongst dirty redneck southerners who like hunting and don’t care about change or how terrible George Bush is.  Obama is Awesome!