Campaign 2.0

September 20, 2008

Now that Barack Obama has steamrolled Bill Clinton’s Wife, he is the post-Washington candidate who will bring fresh ideas to the Stagnant Old-Boy’s Network of Washington.  He transcends Washington bureaucracy.  He and Joseph Biden, a Washington veteran and US Senator of 36 years, will bring about transcendent change to the status quo.  They will end corruption such as giving money to rich oil lobbyists.  They will take money from the tax payers and give it back to the people who need it: the underprivledged.  People deserve money for food and other essential necessities.  If you aren’t working how will you get money?  The poor don’t pay taxes, so if the poor are taxed, then the poor will not get any money.  You need to tax people with money (the rich white-males) in order to get money for people without money (the rest of us).

Over-privileged people that do work and have money need to pay their fair share so that others can be priveledged too.  In America we are all equal and are entitled to equal privledges.  Obama will bring this change so that rich-corporate America doesn’t run washington, as has been the case under the W. Bush Regime.